About Testing: 

Regular testing of your fire, security, monitoring and other systems is critical to ensure your system remains in good working order. NFPA 72, 2010 Edition, The National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code requires commercial fire alarm equipment to be tested up to four times per year and residential fire alarm equipment once a year.  
NFPA 731, 2011 Edition, Standard for Electronic Premise Security Systems states; 1) the test frequency shall conform to the manufacturer’s recommendations 2) to verify the correct operation of the system, 3) accordance with a security vulnerability assessment.

PDS recommends testing according to the above standards or once per week for security systems in lieu of a security vulnerability assessment. We also recommend testing the equipment after any of the following occurrences; phone work, cable work, network work, electrical outages, lightning storms, vandalism, tampering, building construction, changes to the premise or any other circumstance that may affect proper equipment operation.

Who can professionally test the equipment or system? Industry standards NFPA 72 & 731 states; 1) testing shall be performed by qualified personnel who is trained and certified by the equipment manufacturer 2) a person who is licensed and certified by the local, state, or federal government 3) a person certified by an industry-recognized program acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Call for a FREE phone consultation regarding your system testing and maintenance requirements. Service, Inspection and Testing Contracts Recommended.

How to Perform a Self-Test:

Step One - If your system is monitored: Call the Monitoring Center and request that your system be placed on test.  Have your name, account number and pass code available.

Step Two - for Security systems – Arm the system and allow the exit time to expire. At that point you can open the doors and windows to trigger the alarm, walk in the coverage area of all motion sensors and trigger any other equipment you have such as panic buttons, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, per the manufacturer’s instructions if it is with-in your capability.  When complete follow Steps Four & Five. 

Step Three - for Fire systems - Follow Step One and begin triggering the equipment i.e. smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, interface equipment, etc… per NFPA or the manufacturer’s instructions if it is with-in your capability. When complete follow Steps Four & Five.  

Step Four - Verify the operation or non-operation of each device and verify with the monitoring center that all signals were received correctly.

Step Five – After testing reset or return all the equipment back to normal condition and have the Monitoring Center remove your account from test status.

Call PDS for repair service if the system did not work correctly or you are unable to perform the testing.


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